Social Media, Blog, Newsletter and Email Management

Thinking of creating a Facebook, Twitter or some other social media presence for your business?

Not sure what to do or don’t have the time to create and manage your social media profiles?

Your day to day business activities, regular marketing and social media marketing
becoming too time consuming and overwhelming?

You need a blog but have no clue where to start and no time to create and manage content?

You need to mass email your clients regularly but not sure which tools to use, not sure what content to give them and confused about how to go about collecting and managing emails?

Not sure if you should hire someone specifically to handle all of the above for your company?


Well, look no further for any of those answers; WE are here to help!!!

Here, at DCIS, we understand the need for keeping up with the times, technology and way the internet and social media and has revolutionised the world. We understand that you have to constantly keep your customers engaged, while attracting new customers. Everybody has some sort of social media account and every business knows that their business can grow by marketing to these people.

Therefore we are offering Social Media, Blog and Newsletter Management services to suit you. Let us handle every aspect of your online marketing.

We offer:

  • Social media account creation, management and regular postings – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.
  • Design and management of your social media campaigns.
  • Newsletter design and content creation to email to your clients regularly.
  • Tools to collect emails and other information from new customers.
  • Mass emailing marketing of your content, specials, news etc to your customers.
  • Surveys to help you gauge what your customers want so that you can offer them a much better experience.
  • Blog creation and updates.

So, contact us now on to get your social media marketing started or send us a comment below and we will respond.





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