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Imagine meeting someone for the first time and instantly asking them to marry you. What kind of reactions do you think you would get from the person you have just asked? What do you think is going on in their minds? What is their opinion of you?

I would venture to say that about 99.9% of the time the reaction is negative. Actually they might not be able to get away from you fast enough. Common sense would dictate that you don’t ever ask someone to marry you when you first meet them.

BUT yet so many companies do exactly that when they go onto social media. There is no getting to know their audience, no letting their audience warm up to them, know more about them…and the list goes on.

As soon as we create a social media account we go in for the kill and SELL! SELL! SELL!. We bombard our audience with sales pitch after sales pitch, with glowing self reviews of our products or services and then behave like a lover scorned when no one wants to buy from us. We then blame the platform, the people or social media in general.

Your social media sucks because you forget it is SOCIAL media and not SELLING media. It is not an automated tool that magically translates into sales just because we posted onto our platforms. It is not a space where we dominate the conversation without letting the other person have a word in.

Social media is there so we can engage with our audience socially. We need to nurture them, show that they can trust us, genuinely add value to their lives, genuinely show that we care. Our strategy must transcend just ads and sales pitches. We need to show how what WE offer will add value to their lives, will really make their lives better.

Social media does work, but only if we realise that it is a partnership with our audience and not just one party using a megaphone while the other stays silent.

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Enjoyed this, so true how you say it is Social media not selling media! Thanks for the tips!

You are welcome. I will be sending out mails like this every week. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to cover.

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