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Do I really need a website?


I know that seems like a question that shouldn’t be asked, especially in the times we are living in, but you’d be surprised how often I get asked that by potential customers.

Honestly, I believe that there is merit to that question, “DO I REALLY NEED A WEBSITE?”

After all, for the vendor that sells vegetables down the street, does he really need a website? Or take that small coffee shop that caters to the local community, do they really need a website? How about that mom who runs a daycare for her friends and family, what would she do with a website?

The list goes on, especially for the small business, that tries to keep costs down, a website, most often, doesn’t even make sense.

One of the reasons, I believe, that small businesses don’t consider websites is that they don’t see the value in it for their businesses. When you view it that way it does make sense sometimes. After all, you have been doing business for years and have making a living off it, so why would you need to pay for something extra to do what you have been doing all along? You see, most small businesses do well enough to sustain themselves, so adding extra costs just affects the bottom line.

I sometimes ask my customers what they would do if money was no object. The answers vary from retire, to go on annual holidays, pay off their bonds, become debt free etc. The one common thing I find with everyone I have asked is that they would help other people more, in various ways, but the bottom line is they would do more to better the world around them.

carefor theworld

Then I ask, why don’t they make a difference right now? What is stopping them?

The common answers are not enough money or not enough time. I think they are very valid answers.

Then I ask, if they could, through their businesses, touch the lives of people and make a difference to the world around them while being able to reach more customers would they. They wouldn’t need more time or money. They just have to keep on doing what they are doing but they will be able to reach more people and make a greater difference, would they do it.

The answer is always an emphatic YES!!!

I have always believed that businesses exist for 2 reasons:
1. Be profitable
2. Make a difference to the world.

When you start to view having a website as a way to effect more change and make a difference to the world around you then you will see the value in having one. Don’t just view having a site as a way of attracting more customers but view it as a way you can make a difference while attracting more customers. It’s not just what you can get from it but also what you can give through it.

The world needs to know that your business exists, because the world will be richer for having known that your business is around. Just by doing what you are doing you can touch more people, while being more profitable because you have a greater reach, one you didn’t have before. So, instead of just touching a few people by your excellent work, products or services you are now able to reach more people through your online presence. People from far and wide will be able to experience what you offer and they will be better for it.

You owe it to the world to let them know that you are here.

Do you really need a website? At the end of the day it’s up to you. Make a difference to a few and be profitable or expand your sphere of influence to the whole world while being profitable. The choice is yours.

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