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Our selection of services is designed to enhance, grow and multiply your business. Partner with us and let's get your business where you want it to be.

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Your online presence starts with your website. It’s the first port of call for people to get to know who you are and what you do. Every business needs a website; there are no arguments regarding this. The question is, what kind of website will you get? We design beautiful, easy to navigate, fast websites that convey the message of who you are and what you do perfectly. We also design your site to be a sales and marketing tool to convert browsers to paying customers with forms, call to actions, while all the while making your site a pleasure to behold.


Just as everybody needs a place to live, your website needs a place to “live” as well. These are called servers. All the files for your website sits in the server so that when anybody needs to view your site they can. Just as a home needs security, your server also needs security. Our servers are among the best in the country as we use reputable established companies to host your website. Our servers have a 99.9% uptime with excellent support.


Social media needn’t be a grudge spend. Why should you feel confused about social media value? Social media shouldn’t exist unfocused and unanalysed in a vacuum. We knit the work of your departments into your profile and turns your social media from a bolt-on into an intelligence driven asset.


The marketing of your product or service should not be restricted. We understand that people can be engaged through many mediums, therefore our comprehensive digital media services cover marketing in Social Media, Content, Search Engine Optimisation, Affiliate, Email, Radio, Television and Mobile.


Many businesses are using innovative online marketing strategies to generate leads. With new strategies being reported frequently, it becomes difficult to determine which strategy will help you the most to generate leads for your business. In fact, the biggest challenge faced by businesses is generating good leads. There are marketing strategies that have proven to generate quality leads for businesses over and over again and we tailor make those strategies to fit your business.


Almost 75% of the people on the planet are connected by mobile devices. In the years to come that will fast reach 100%. Mobile applications are fast becoming the preferred method for connecting with your customers. We will design and develop your mobile application fast and cost effective.


A domain name is often the first thing you need when starting a website. It is your digital address that people will use to get connected to your website. For example, the domain name for our website is www.dcis.co.za. You type this in the browser address bar to go to our website. Choose your name and let us register it for you in a few minutes.


Included in our hosting packages and without extra cost, are unique company emails. Having unique emails gives a company credibility. Firstly because it is so easy and cheap to get and secondly it conveys a sense of professionalism. Although Gmail and other generic accounts are perfectly fine it benefits a company to have their own emails.


The world runs on software. From work to socialising, we are using some sort of software. Our lives are made easier because software enables us to do things quicker, more efficiently and more cost effectively. Add more value to your customers by creating and building software that enhances your product or service and brings in more revenue. We will design and develop software to your specifications and needs.


For all your graphic design needs, be it flyers, brochures, business cards, books, catalogues, adverts, basically anything that needs a design, let us know and we will design it for you. We also work with printers to bring you cost effective print solutions.


Technical Authoring is the writing and design of technical documents such as service manuals, user manuals, product manuals, financial reports, medical reports, flowcharts, hardware and software specifications etc. Whatever technical documentation you require we will design and write them up for you.


Visuals, whether still or moving, are the currency of modern digital stories. How much of your story remains hidden and untold due to the lack of visuals? We offer compelling scripting, producing, directing and shooting. Whatever your story, we will bring it to life.


Every company needs strategy, a plan to grow their business, to bring in more revenue and be better than the year before. Our consulting services aims to provide strategic input that places your business on the path to growth. Whether you need a social or digital media plan, what hardware or software to use or just plain business ideas, we are here to help.